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2018 clothing trends are here.

Views:6     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-24      Origin:Site

Every year, the clothing is popular with different styles. By 2018, there are new trends, so what clothes are popular in 2018? An article takes you through the 2018 fashion trends!

The best way to get the trend is to look at the show every season. Watching the show will find that 2018 is more popular with linear art, asymmetric design, and off-the-shoulder elements.we are poplin fabric sellers.

Linear art

Alexander McQueen blends the aesthetics of openwork into a linear ornament, and blooms beautiful wavy stitches on the body. At the same time, the woven elements spread to the whole body. From the complex linear decoration, the soft and soft shackles are used to create a sense of solemnity. In the elegant, there is some beauty of abstinence.

Oversized waist

The waist-waist concept has been active in the public eye for these two seasons. The wide waistband puts the slim body of the model out of a realm, emphasizing the curve of the woman's full-bodied posture. The waist is made of a variety of materials and design elements, with a perspective of lace, leather, zipper, double-layer stacking and so on.

Balmain 2018 early autumn series of promotional films, in addition to shoulder tassels, striped sequins and other brands have always been classic elements, with a leather waist to show a tough luxury, in the next season trend will also intensify.

The reason why the fabric produces a wind print

Windprint, which is a kind of dyeing noise produced by the fabric after printing and dyeing. Compared with the normal dyed blank, the place where the wind prints will appear white or dark gray light strips in almost all the width of the door. This type of noise is not visible until it is finalized and will be produced after shaping. So this is simply a nightmare for cloth people.

The reason for such a situation is as follows: in the case of continuous production of fabrics, wind printing is generally not easy to occur, and intermittent production, due to sudden high temperature and high pressure, causes accidental wind-printing. Among them, the wind-printing of polyester fabrics mostly occurs after the cloth is dehydrated and opened, before the setting, or when the stacker is stored. In severe cases, there will be almost ten wind marks in the latitudinal direction, and the spacing will be exactly the spacing of the fabrics to reciprocate.



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