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Camouflage cloth

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The company is strong in all kinds of printing; it accepts all kinds of printing fabrics throughout the year. We have accumulated considerable experience and technology.
It can be printed on all kinds of fabrics, such as all-polyester fabrics, all-cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton interwoven blended fabrics, knitted fabrics, mesh fabrics, Nylon-Cotton interwoven fabrics, all-nylon fabrics and all kinds of elastic fabrics. High quality, low price, customer first, the pursuit of excellence is the eternal goal of Dongheng people.we are camouflage fabric mills.
What is the fabric of type 87 camouflage clothes?
What is the fabric of type 87 camouflage clothes? The 87-Type camouflage clothing of the Armed Police Force is the first type of camouflage clothing to distribute all kinds of police forces since the re-establishment of the Armed Police Force.
This camouflage suit has the same design idea as the PLA 87 camouflage suit. It has similar plate shape and adopts four-color patterns of green, light green, brown and black.
Although the camouflage dress is named Type 87, it should be officially launched around 1994, until the "Type 99 summer training uniform" was issued, gradually fading out of people's sight. Because the 87 camouflage clothes are still distributed to the side, elimination and police forces to consume inventory when the 99 camouflage clothes are replaced, the number of new 87 camouflage clothes is not large.

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