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China Lining Fabric Wholesale Online

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Lining Fabric Wholesale

No.1 Why do clothes need lining fabric?

Make the clothing easy to wear and slip, comfortable to wear;

Reduce the friction between the fabric and the underwear to protect the fabric;

Increase the thickness of the garment to maintain warmth;

Make the garment flat and crisp;

Improve clothing grades;

For the flocculation garment, the folder as a floc can prevent the flocculation from being exposed; as a clip of the leather garment, it can keep the fur from being stained and keep the fur clean and tidy.

No.2 The choice of lining fabric should pay attention to the following aspects:

The performance of the lining should be compatible with the performance of the fabric. The properties here refer to shrinkage, heat resistance, washing resistance, strength and thick weight;


The color of the lining should be in harmony with the fabric, and the color of the lining should not be deeper than the fabric;

The lining should be smooth, durable, anti-pilling and have good color fastness.

Kangwei Textile is a lining fabric manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Our linings include 100% polyester linings, polyester cotton linings , and 100% cotton linings, mainly plain weave. The greige fabric produced by the grey fabric factory uses all the yarns as self-winding yarns. The looms are all equipped with electronic warping machines and electronic brakes. The produced fabrics are evenly distributed, with fewer weaving defects and no stop mark.

We can process semi-bleaching, bleaching, dyeing and printing. Among them, semi-bleaching, bleaching and dyeing are all treated by continuous dyeing, and the cold-staining time is long. The polyester-cotton fabric is pre-treated in place. The singeing has 6 burners on both sides of the singeing. The continuous machine body is long, which is equivalent to half-filament, and the cloth surface is smooth. , flat, crisp, meet the requirements of lining fabric, to meet the needs of different customers.

What's the difference between lining and lining? What do lining and lining do?

What is a lining cloth? The interlining is a fabric that is fingerprinted on the inside of the collar, shoulders, cuffs and waistbands of the garment. The function of lining cloth: it is to foil the fabric, improve the clothing performance, play a great role in the beautiful appearance of the clothing, and promote the clothing to have the perfect shape, which can make up for the insufficient performance of the fabric. The lining is the skeleton of the garment and we call it the bonding lining. The classification of lining cloth includes: bonding lining, spinning lining, non-woven lining, inlays lining, double-sided lining, waistband lining, shirt lining, coat lining, fur lining, composite lining, etc.

What is riboud? Lining is usually used as the garment lining cloth, also known as lining, lining cloth. Common varieties of lining are: polyester tav, shu mei silk, rayon series, chiffon, color ding, etc.

Fashion trends for 2018 are all here

Every year, different styles of clothes are popular. In 2018, new trends emerge. What clothes are popular in 2018? An article takes you through the fashion trends of 2018!

The best way for us to acquire fashion is to watch the show of each season. When we watch the show, we will find that the popular elements of 2018 are linear art, asymmetrical design, exposing shoulder, etc.

Elements that show a shoulder

Off -the- cold shoulder, showing pride in the collarbone, extending the neck of the swan, showing a cool and unobtrusive sex appeal, showing the elegance of the season, the capture of the hot summer. In the dress of common design puts on the element that show shoulder, raise modelling grade instantly, give more wear to build inspiration, close to fine of fashionable dress gradually.

British plaid

The plaid element is the eternal classic under the designer's pen, the plaid becomes no longer conservative, becomes a mature female elegant charm. Case grain is not in make public and expose in spurt, introversion becomes more style more. On Calvin Klein's show, the plaid pattern is wrapped in a "raincoat", which gives an interesting texture effect by layering and mixing.


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