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China Pocket Fabric Suppliers Online

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China Pocket Fabric Suppliers online

The process of forming a pattern on a fabric by dye or coating is fabric printing. Printing is a partial dyeing, a certain dyeing fastness is required. There are many ways of printing patterns on fabrics with dyes or coatings, but the main methods are as follows.

(1) direct printing

The method of printing various color flower patterns directly on the fabric is direct printing. About 80-90% of printed fabrics use this method. The method can print patterns of white ground flowers and full ground flowers.

Pocket Fabric Suppliers

(2) discharge printing

Floor-dyed fabrics are printed with a color paddle that contains chemicals that can destroy the color of the ground. These chemicals are called discharge agents. Chemicals resistant dyes can also be added to the discharge paddle. So discharge printing can get two effects, namely white and color.

(3) anti-dyeing printing

The dyestuff can be printed on the fabric to prevent the dyestuff from being dyed, and then the ground color can be printed on the printed pattern to prevent the ground color from being dyed.

Buyers requirements

1. About price: the price of the subject matter of this product is the temporary price, and the specific price is the bargaining price, which is determined according to the plush style, gram weight, composition ratio of fabric raw material and order quantity. Please contact me for the specific price, subject to the real-time quotation.

2. About the picture: the products shown in the above picture are the regular product types of our factory. The specific style and color weight can be customized according to your requirements.

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