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​Classification of clothing fabrics

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Classification of clothing fabrics


Leather is tanned animal fur fabric. It is mostly used to make fashion and winter clothes. It can also be divided into two categories: one is leather, that is, leather after dehairing treatment. The second is fur, which is treated leather with fur. Its advantages are light and warm, graceful and luxurious. Its disadvantage is that it is expensive and requires high storage and nursing, so it is not suitable for popularization.we are thobe fabric sellers.

chemical fiber

Chemical fibers are short for chemical fibers. It is a kind of textile made of high molecular compound as raw material. Usually it can be divided into artificial fibers and synthetic fibers. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, draping and straightening, smooth and comfortable. Their shortcomings are wear resistance, heat resistance, hygroscopicity, poor air permeability, easy to deform when heated, easy to generate static electricity. Although it can be used to make all kinds of clothes, the overall grade is not high and it is difficult to get into the hall of elegance.


Blending is a kind of fabric which is made by blending natural fibers and chemical fibers in a certain proportion and can be used to make various garments. Its advantage is that it not only absorbs the advantages of cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fibers, but also avoids their shortcomings as far as possible, and is relatively cheap in value, so it is very popular.

Knitted fabric

Yarn dyed fabric

A fabric woven from dyed yarns. The dyeing of yarn is generally divided into two ways:

Colored spinning: It is the process of dyeing raw materials such as cotton or yarn made of colored cotton before spinning. This process is mostly used in wool spinning and cotton spinning, including blended yarn.

Dyeing yarn: The grey yarn is dyed after rinsing. Then we use colored yarn to weave the fabric. The finished product is called yarn-dyed fabric. Generally speaking, yarn-dyed fabrics refer to woven fabrics on shuttle looms, but knitting machines can also make yarn-dyed knitted fabrics.

Fabric types

Classification Principle Fabric Name

Shuttle, knitted and nonwoven fabrics by fabric weaving method

According to the composition of fabrics, cotton fabrics, pure fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, wool fabrics, general anesthesia fabrics, blended fabrics, etc.

According to fabric structure, plain fabric, twill fabric, Satin fabric, jacquard fabric, etc.

According to the degree of finishing, it can be divided into primary colour fabrics (embryo cloth), dyed fabrics, dyed fabrics, printed fabrics, coated fabrics, etc.

According to the thickness of the fabrics, divide the thick type fabrics and thin type fabrics.

Woven Fabric

Also known as woven fabrics, warp and weft yarns are interwoven vertically to form a fabric. 

Its basic organization includes plain, twill and satin. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic weaves and their varied weaves. Chiffon, Oxford, Denim, Drill, Flannel, Damask, etc.

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