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Good or bad fabric

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From the perspective of consumption and business, the difference between good fabrics and general fabrics is not so obvious, and even general fabrics may be sold more expensive than good fabrics. But in the traditional luxury industry, any non-natural fabrics can't be worn.

Therefore, unless it is 100% natural fiber fabric, any fabric with chemical fiber is not very good. This is in line with the traditional jewellery industry, all the semi-precious stones (including tourmaline, sea sapphire) can not stand on the face, because they are "semi-precious stones."

So why should cotton fabrics add 2% of other chemical fibers?

It is to make up for some of the shortcomings of cotton fabrics. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantage is that you can enjoy it at a low price, or you can achieve almost 80% of the feeling of high-quality fabrics, or solve some small problems in daily wear. The downside is that once you start accepting the taste, it is getting worse.we provide pocket fabric,you can know it.

Count and number of stitches

Two concepts that are often said: one is called the count, the other is the number of stitches (the number of roots)


Refers to the thick line of the thread, marked with S, such as 100S, also called 100. The higher the number of branches per unit area, the thinner the line and the thinner the fabric. There are still double-share single-shares, so I won’t say much. Is it good for Mao to say that Egyptian cotton is good? Because of the high count of cotton, short-staple cotton can not be woven.


Refers to the density of the fabric. With (t)(c), the oldest way is: T is polyester, C is pure cotton, TC is blended, but now it is generally expressed by T, and it is indicated by C. It is pure cotton. Now the American style is generally called T, such as a bedding, called 200T.

What does the 200 needle mean? For example, a piece of fabric, the British standard method generally marks 133 * 72, meaning that in 1 inch: 133 warp yarns, 72 weft yarns. Then 133 plus 72 will wait until 205, and the American density standard will be simplified to 200T. But this density mark, the general bed products only say the number of the number, clothing does not say.

The number of counts and the number of stitches are generally complementary, and there are high branches to have high density, such as 40S cotton fabric, generally 250T, 200T,

Tell everyone an arbitrary judgment standard

Slag level: 30 or less bedding for under 40 shirts, below 200T

Ordinary level: shirt 40-60 bedding products 300T-600T

Good level: 60 shirts - 100 bedding products 800T-1000T,

Good level: 100 shirts - 140 beds, 1000T € € 1400T (from this stage is the real big fabric choice)

Luxury level: more than 140 shirts, more than 1400T bedding. But note that the higher the better, the 140 cotton fabric yarns are already very thin and thin. In summer, the shirts will feel too thin and uncomfortable, so the mainstream is still 120-140S, and the bedding products above 1400T are generally heavy. It is very expensive.

In the same way, if the bed is more than 80S, it will feel too thin, and the texture will not be light, especially when sleeping at night. If it is not a bed, it will be easy to slide. So don't blindly pursue indicators and look at your personal feelings on a digital basis.

Why are there not a lot of clothes on the clothes? Because their general count is very low, they will not be marked. Generally, as long as the fabrics are used well, most of them will be marked.

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