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How to choose fabrics when customizing shirts?

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How to choose fabrics when customizing shirts?
Q: How to choose fabrics when customizing shirts?
A: First select the fabric brand, unless practitioners, it is recommended to select the fabric of the big brand.we are shirt fabric sellers.
Domestically choose Luthai, import MONTI, SOKTAS, THOMAS MASON, etc. These brands have been heard, try not to choose a special niche or fabric album looks like a cottage brand, usually he is a cottage.
It is not particularly recommended to choose Zegna, ALUMO these fabrics, unless you are embarrassed. Many friends in the industry have the same opinion that ALUMO has not reached the same level of quality as the price.
After selecting the brand, it is to choose the specific style. It is recommended that the net color plain fabric should try to select a single stock (who said that the double stock is better for you to come out), the single yarn has the same amount of yarn consumption, and the plain fabric has a softer single strand feel. .
Stripe fabrics can be selected with better gloss, and fabrics with better gloss can be seen on the fabric card.
Shirt fabric knowledge
Fabrics made from pure wool are warm, thick and visually pleasing. However, it is easy to wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to worm, and easy to shrink. It is recommended that you only buy wool shirts when considering the warmth factor in winter, because his care is more troublesome than linen and cotton.
Silk fabric
Silk fabric is pure silkworm white silk fabric, which is recognized as the most luxurious fabric in the world. It is beautifully exuding beautiful luster. The high-weight silk fabric has always been the fabric of top luxury shirts. The traditional and extravagant velvet fabric reinterprets the elegance and gentleness of the gentleman. Silk fabrics are more cumbersome to care for, so they reflect the characteristics of the "noble".

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