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Introduction of Thobe fabrics

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There are many kinds of fabrics for garments, among which woven fabrics are firm, sturdy and long-lasting, and they are relatively easy to be deformed. They occupy a relatively high position in the global clothing industry. Follow the small series to learn about the basic information and main features of woven fabrics!we are provide china thobe fabric,we can guarantee the quality of china thobe fabric.

First, the introduction of woven fabrics

The woven fabric is woven into the warp and weft directions by means of picking. It can be woven into three categories: satin, twill and flat. The components are divided into cotton fabric, hemp fabric, chemical fiber woven fabric and silk fabric. Fabrics, wool fabrics, blended and interwoven fabrics, etc. Woven fabrics can be made into different styles due to the difference in weaving process, composition and cutting method. The fabrics are very strong, have a kind of crisp, and are not easily deformed, so they are widely used in the clothing industry.

Second, the characteristics of woven fabrics

The woven fabric has a warp and weft orientation. It can form a variety of styles according to different interlacing rules and finishing conditions, and can be adjusted mainly according to raw materials, yarn count and density.

Woven is a cross-stitch weaving. Its advantage is that the cloth surface is flat and the structure is stable. There is no drooping phenomenon when hanging. It is relatively firm and not easy to deform, and it is easy to cut various styles. Its surface is relatively fine and has a good representation of the printing process. Moreover, the woven fabric has a strong washing resistance and an extended wearing time. Although it will also be due to the incorrect finishing method, it will affect the production of clothing with enamel, but as long as it pays attention, its advantages are still more. It is a great actor in the clothing industry.

Woven fabric contains

1. Chemical fiber: It is the abbreviation of chemical fiber. It is a textile made from a polymer compound as a raw material.

2. Blending: It is a fabric made by mixing natural fibers and chemical fibers in a certain proportion, which can be used to make various garments.

3. Modal: Modal is a cellulose-recycled fiber of high-moisture modulus viscose fiber developed by Lenzing of Austria. The fiber is made from European eucalyptus, which is first made into wood pulp and then passed. Special spinning process into fiber.



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