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Is the pocket fabric semi-blown or fully bleached?

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Is the pocket cloth half-drifted or fully bleached? Pocket cloth is generally not very demanding, basically it is half float. Or low-grade without bleaching.

The difference between semi-blown and full drift is:

Full drift: scouring > fine drift

Half float: no bleaching or rough bleaching after cooking.

Pocket cloth is semi-drift

Chinese distribution of pocket fabric manufacturers

There are a lot of pocket fabric manufacturers, and the clusters of different pocket cloths are different. Pocket cloths of different materials and their usage. Pocket cloth is mainly divided into three categories according to the original classification: full chemical fiber, cotton and polyester cotton pocket cloth.

Among them, all chemical fiber pocket cloth manufacturers are mainly distributed around Shengze, among which Shengze is known as China Silk Capital. If you need to buy pocket cloth, here is your best choice.

Polyester cotton and cotton pocket cloth manufacturers are mainly distributed in Shijiazhuang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The cotton and polyester-cotton pocket fabric manufacturers that have business dealings with the Yangtze River Cloth are mainly distributed in Shijiazhuang.we provide pocket fabric,you can know it.

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