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Latest trends in workwear fabrics

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Customized work clothes are the cultural connotation of modern enterprises. Work clothes also highlight the vitality of the company, and at the same time enhance the image of the company and increase the strength of the company. The wearing of a good overalls gives people an unusual feeling, which allows employees to be more engaged in their work and improve their work efficiency. However, it is especially important to choose fabrics when custom-made work clothes. Suitable work clothes are comfortable to wear and look refreshing. The choice of fabric is usually not visible by the eyes, and must be touched by hand to feel it.we are workwear fabric casual fabric wholesale.
There are many styles of overalls. Manufacturers can recommend several models according to your occupation. You can also choose your favorite styles online to provide them to manufacturers. The style is determined, that is, the fabric of the overalls.
For the clothes worn by ordinary workers, the cotton materials are mainly used, and the cotton content ranges from 10% to 60%. Of course, there are also 100% cotton fabrics. The more cotton content, the more close it is to wear, the employees will feel more Comfortable. We should try our best to avoid the choice of chemical fiber materials, because the chemical fiber material is relatively poor in water absorption. When it is worn in summer, it is very unfavorable for sweat absorption. This will cause people to wear on the body and may have a series of uncomfortable reactions.
However, for some special industries, such as pharmaceutical, electric power, electronics, chemical and other industries, the fabrics selected are mainly made of chemical fiber materials. Because of the high work intensity of these industries, there is a requirement for the strength of the fabric. Just the strength of the chemical fiber material is very good, and the tearing strength is very good. In addition, due to the particularity of the industry, it is also necessary to add some special processes, such as anti-static, three-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof, on the basis of the original printing and dyeing process.
General work clothes manufacturers have their own sample clothes. If you want to know the workmanship of work clothes, you can look at the model that the manufacturer plays. When you look at the sample clothes, you mainly look at the work clothes to make the line smooth, and there is no thread, and the stitch density is also An important measure, although different fabrics require different stitch density, but the overall phenomenon of no jump stitches, missing needles and off-line, the stitches must be clear, these are the basic workmanship requirements.
The competition for the custom-made workwear industry in the future will be the competition for fabrics. Fabrics will play an irreplaceable role in the reshaping of brand competitiveness in workwear companies. In order to achieve sustainable development and progress, the overalls industry will also need to study and value the fabric industry. The fabric can give the work clothes unlimited creative vitality and ever-changing scientific and technological value, and inject more innovative meaning into the workwear enterprise.

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