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Pocket Fabric Company

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The pocket fabric has the function of breathable, moisture-proof and scratch-resistant, and the fabric is thicker. It is suitable for outdoor sportswear in autumn and winter. Longxinglong's three-proof, moisture-wicking, anti-UV and other conventional functional fabrics have begun to cooperate with well-known outdoor brands such as Colombia.We are pocket fabric company and the best pocket fabric company,you can know it.

One of the reasons for clothes pilling - fabrics and crafts

The fiber properties have a great influence on the pilling of the fabric. The fiber length, fineness, and morphology and surface properties also have a great relationship with the pilling of the fabric.

Chemical fiber is easy to pilling, and the degree of pilling is nylon > acrylic > polyester. The high chemical fiber strength and high flexural resistance result in the fiber not easily falling off and entangled into a ball on the surface of the textile. Polyester/cotton fabrics are also easy to pilling. Because polyester fiber has a strong strength and is entangled with cotton fiber hairiness, it is difficult to fall off, which forms the pilling phenomenon we have seen.

In contrast, fine fibers are easier to pilling than coarse fibers, and blended fibers are easier to pilling than other fibers. For example, the same chemical fiber, wool, cotton fiber blended clothes, it is easier to pilling than a pure wool clothing.

The fabric weaving process is also an important factor affecting the pilling of the clothes. The structure of the fabric is also tight. The flatter the surface, the less likely it is to pilling. In short, from the tightness and flatness of the clothes work, it can be judged whether the clothes are easy to start. ball.


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