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Poplin Fabric Wholesale

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The origin of poplin:

Poplin is one of the traditional handicrafts of Han nationality in Shandong Province. It was originally referred to as fabrics woven on the feudal aristocracy or bureaucracy in Licheng, Penglai and other counties in Shandong Province. The hand and appearance are similar to silk, so it is called poplin. we are poplin fabric wholesale.

Common raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc. Poplin is a plain weave fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, cotton or blended yarn. The plain cotton fabric has a compact structure, a uniform surface, a clear texture, a smooth and soft texture, and a silky feel. The surface of the fabric has a distinct, well-proportioned, diamond-shaped particle composed of raised portions of the warp.

Classification of poplin:

Poplin can be divided into gauze, half-line poplin and line poplin depending on the yarn used in the production.

According to the different spinning projects, poplin can be divided into carded poplin and combed poplin.

According to the different printing and dyeing processing, poplin can be divided into bleached poplin, variegated poplin and printed.



The characteristics of poplin:

The quality of poplin fabrics is very good. The poplin is a plain cotton fabric. Its structure is very tight, the texture of the fabric is even and clear, the hand feels smooth and comfortable, and it has a silky feel. Therefore, the quality of poplin products is high, and valuable, and can be used for a long time.

The application range of poplin:

Poplin is one of the most commonly used lightweight fabrics. It is a major variety of cotton fabrics. It is mainly used as shirts, summer clothes and everyday clothes, and can also be used as an embroidered base fabric.

Common poplin on the market:

There are two types of polyester cotton poplin and cotton poplin on the market. Polyester cotton poplin and cotton poplin are suitable for what to do:

The low-density cotton poplin and polyester-cotton poplin are mainly used for pocket cloth, waist, etc.

High-density cotton poplin and polyester-cotton poplin can be used for shirts, skirts, jackets and the like after various finishing operations.


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