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Printed spot plaid pocket cloth details

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Printed spot plaid pocket cloth details:

The company will adhere to the credo of "excellent quality begins with subtlety",comprehensively enhance the management level of the company, and aim at customer satisfaction, and provide more convenient and diversified quality products and services for the majority of Chinese and foreign customers.we provide pocket fabric,you can know it.

The quality of our products is the premise of our development. The credibility of our cooperation makes us take care of your production. Your trust is the cornerstone of our long-term cooperation.

The printed spot plaid bag fabric is made of high-temperature printing and dyeing of grey cloth printing paper. It was very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

He was deeply loved by people and was used as a must for dowry and clothes. The pattern on the printed cloth is called flower pattern, tile fence, and flower pattern creative sharing platform.

The different process equipments for printing spot plaid bags can be divided into:

Hand printed cloth. Including batik, tie dye, tie, hand-painted, hand-printed plate printing and so on.

Printed spot plaid bag cloth operation process

Printed spot plaid bag cloth has been in circulation for a long time since ancient times. The modern production process of printed spot plaid bag is of course not the same as that of ancient times. Can you understand the ancient craftsmanship? Nantong folk blue print cloth began in the Ming Dynasty and has been passed down to the present day. After the unremitting efforts of generations of folk artists, especially contemporary folk craftsmen, from a single piece of local cloth products to a variety of fabric products, from life practical to practical, decorative multiple types, from the field to the city, it has never been seen before. Brilliance. Extract the blue dye (indigo) from the indigo grass, spread the hollow flower plate on the white cloth, scrape the anti-staining agent into the pattern gap with the squeegee and print it on the cloth surface, put it on the dyeing cylinder after drying, and put the cylinder under the cloth. After 20 minutes, the oxidized and ventilated air were taken out for 30 minutes, and the dyeing was repeated 6 to 8 times to obtain the desired color.

Then take it out and oxidize in the air, dry it and scrape off the anti-staining powder, which shows a blue-and-white pattern. Because it is all hand-dyed and dyed, the dried pulp will inevitably have cracks, forming the unique charm of the handmade blue print cloth - ice crack, so the protection of traditional techniques is imminent, the pattern of blue printed cloth is auspicious and festive, for the past three hundred years. It is popular with the civilians. The ancient printing operation of the printed plaid bag is not complicated and modern, but the crafts are all inherited from the past. Without the ancient craft as the "pioneer", there is no modern advanced technology.


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