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Shirt fabric classification

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Common fabrics for shirts
1,senior shirt
Occasion: Important social events such as banquets, parties, celebrations,etc.we are shirt fabric sellers.
Quality: Fine texture, artistic, black or white.
Detail Tip: You don't have to buy pure cotton wool. These fabrics are easily deformed, yellowed, pleated, and expensive. You can buy woven, hemp, yarn and synthetic fabrics with good craftsmanship and good texture.
2,professional casual shirt
Occasion: Going to work, daily activities.
Quality: The selection of materials and selection tend to be comfortable, and the professional wear is casual.
Details: These shirts should be slightly formal, delicate, monochrome or striped, and can be used to create a solemn image.
3,casual home shirt
Occasion: Home, walk, play.
Quality: Comfortable cotton fabric, personalized color pattern.
Details: The selection must be loose, and the quality is closed, because leisure is not equal to casual.
4, professional standard collar
The collar that is “flat” in both the length and the open angle is called the standard collar. This type of shirt is commonly used in business activities. The color is mainly monochrome and white. It is the most common and common style. It is not affected by age and is suitable for any face type.
●(1) The fabric has better water absorption, and the wool is very good hydrophilic fiber, which is very comfortable to wear;
●(2) The fabric has better warmth;
●(3) The fabric has better durability;
●(4) The fabric is a blended variety with stable shrinkage resistance;
●(5) The fabric has high tensile strength and good tearing strength;
●(6) novel flower patterns;
●(7) There are many varieties and all colors are available.

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