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Shirt knowledge encyclopedia: What kind of shirt is good?

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Fabric article, I hope to write a question and answer form, to sort out the questions that people often ask. If there are any new questions you can add in the comments section, if I feel valuable, you can add them.we are shirt fabric sellers.
Q: What is the difference between domestic fabrics and imported fabrics? Why is the price difference so much?
A: First, the primary difference between domestically produced fabrics and imported fabrics is that the origin of domestic fabrics is basically in Xinjiang, and most of the imported fabrics are made of long-staple cotton from Egypt and other places. The overall cotton quality in Egypt will be better than Xinjiang.
Second, foreign high-yarn woven products are obviously more abundant than domestic varieties. Lutai currently has fabrics that are basically under 160s, and many imported brands have about 300 fabrics to choose from. Although the domestic large manufacturer Esquel has actually spun out 700 cotton yarns, the textile technology is still far from the foreign countries. The domestic production of 300 fabrics seems to be only Lutai and Shengtai, but there is no mass production (welcome to correct).
Third, domestically produced fabrics often have non-iron finishing, and imported fabrics have basically no ironing fabrics.
Fourth, the fabric fully demonstrates the principle of one penny and one cent, one dime and three cents. The difference in price is due to the different positioning of each brand. The cost of fabric textile technology (such as ultra-high yarn fabric) is not equivalent to the improvement of gloss and somatosensory. There is also import tariffs.
High-grade shirt fabric introduction
1. Soft and comfortable ultra-high-density high-density cotton non-iron shirt fabric
The cotton 300S ultra-high-density high-density shirt fabric won the first prize of the 2007 China Textile Technology Award. The anti-wrinkle and non-iron shirt made by liquid ammonia finishing is extremely soft and comfortable, and the fabric has a silky luster. The industry believes that this fabric is the best in shirt fabrics. At present, only Lutai Textile Co., Ltd. of our country can produce in batches, and it also represents the highest level of today's international textile technology.
Because this 300S ultra-high-density high-density shirt fabric, ordinary cotton and ordinary textile dyeing and finishing equipment and processing technology can not be done, only choose high-quality long-staple cotton, and apply international advanced textile dyeing and finishing equipment and The processing technology can be produced, which contains a high technical content.
At present, the price of this best shirt in the international market is more than 5,000 yuan each. Foreign buyers are mainly customers in the UK, Italy and the US, and the products are in short supply.
2. Excellent environmentally friendly shirt fabric
If 3%-5% Dow XLA elastic fiber is added to the cotton fabric, the shirt fabric can have comfortable elasticity and non-iron effect. At present, Shandong Lutai, Zhejiang Youngor, Shanghai Tianhong, Jiangsu Lianfa, etc. The company has successfully launched this fabric.
The internationally renowned shirt brand CALVIN KLEIN was the first brand to use Dow XLA elastic fibers for cotton-padded shirts, casual shirts and business shirts, and has recently been applied to sports shirts. The Booker brothers added XLA elastic fibers to their cotton shirts to create their first ever non-iron women's elastic shirt, followed by a men's, non-iron fit shirt.

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