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You are here: Home » News » Should the care fabrics used in nurses be aesthetically pleasing?

Should the care fabrics used in nurses be aesthetically pleasing?

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In the past, nurse uniforms undoubtedly had many shortcomings. For example, a nurse with a column was very hot when wearing it in the summer, and when wearing it in winter, it was undoubtedly very cold. This is because the nurse in the column is dressed in the winter and Summer is a style, there is no new idea, which is why many nurses do not care for nurses, but due to the rules of the hospital, many nurses do not wear such nurses to work.we are medical fabric wholesale and the best medical fabric wholesale,you can know it.
However, with the progress of the times and people's demands for daily life, the nurses' clothes have been significantly improved. For example, the nurses used in summer are thinner in thickness, and even many units are designed to ensure comfort. Sense, so in the process of choosing nurses to wear fabrics, even choose silk, and in the winter use feather thieves, but these units did not take into account the repeated use of nurses, so the choice of materials must be practical Consider both sex and workability.
Should nurses pay attention to aesthetics? The answer to this question is no! The purpose of traditional nurse uniforms is very simple, so that patients can better distinguish nurses. However, with the continuous development of the clothing industry, there are also very big changes in the wearing of nurses in health care fabrics and hospitals. The aesthetics of fabrics and hospital fabrics are always important, which also makes the nurses maintain a better mood during their work.
Summer and autumn stretch cloth, local marketing is smooth
In the recent China Textile City market, polyester FDY, POY, DTY as the main raw material plus spandex silk spray-woven polyester-stained elastic cloth summer and autumn orders sent a local smooth. Some of the former store-style physical fabric companies Xiaqiu orders are more active and successful.
Stretch fabric raw materials into a distribution ratio has a new breakthrough, in addition to polyester-stained stretch fabric, spray weaving-like nylon polyester weave four-sided bomb, Modal four-sided bomb, nylon four-sided bomb, 100D Tencel four-sided bomb, hemp cotton stretch, Nisi The series of textile elastic fabrics are sold in small and medium batches of plain, flat, twill, and oblique texture. The popular color fabrics continue to increase red, pink, rose, black, dark coffee, light coffee, beige, and deep yellow. The fabrics are partially delivered in small and medium quantities, and the price is firmer. Wuchao Jinmian Elasticity, Pineapple Gem Cotton Elasticity, Nylon Cotton Weft Coat Windbreaker Set, T/R Polyester Viscose Twill Four-sided, Elastic Bright Silk Cotton, Artificial Silk Elastic Satin, Matte Elastic Satin, Bright Silk Horizontal Some small and medium-sized shipments such as elastic satin have also increased.
Polyester FDY silk composite blended spun yarn with spandex yarn embedded with elastic silk fabric, (FDY+DTY) composite yarn and cationic silk silk spandex blended spun yarn and bright silk woven cationic bright silk elastic fabric A variety of varieties, due to fabric innovation, superior texture, prices to meet the needs of popular consumption and by the counterparts favored by merchants.


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