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The law of shirt: fabric articles

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Whether you can't get a feel for the choice of shirt fabrics when buying shirts and custom shirts. This article is a bit long, but if you can read it carefully, you will become the shirt fabric of the mall.we are shirt fabric company.

/ Fiber /

The fabrics can be classified into natural fibers (plant fibers/animal fibers) and chemical fibers (regenerated fibers/synthetic fibers) according to the composition of the fibers.

Shirt fabrics are mainly cotton fibers. Cotton fabric is the mainstream of the current shirt market.

Fabrics containing mulberry, linen, wool, and cashmere are also common. There are also shirts that incorporate spandex fibers to increase the elasticity of the fabric.


The more popular in China in the last century is actually polyester fabric. It is true that shirts are not "cool" and have faded out of the shirt fabric market due to poor skin-friendliness. At present, there is a shirt fabric called CVC in the market in China, which refers to a cotton-polyester blend fabric containing more than 65% cotton. CVC fabrics are inexpensive and have some anti-wrinkle properties. They are the first non-iron shirt fabrics that have been popularized since the 1960s. There are still some brands on the market that use the CVC fabric to avoid the concept of ironing, which is actually a very low-end product.

What are the characteristics of a good quality shirt? How to identify a good shirt?

Shirt fabric

1. A good high-yarn cotton fabric must be woven from long-staple cotton, because the long-staple cotton fiber is long and thin, only it can be spun into high-count cotton (the higher the count, the finer the yarn ). Among the long-staple cotton, the quality of Egyptian long-staple cotton and American Pima cotton is the best. The Egyptian long-staple cotton has a fiber diameter that is 25% thinner than silk. After weaving into a yarn, there is almost no neps. The fiber is strong and the fiber is neat. Uniform and special mercerizing effect, so the fabric of Egyptian long-staple cotton is very delicate, with a silky luster and quality, and the ready-to-wear washing will still maintain a bright natural color.

2, the high-grade shirt made of Egyptian long-staple cotton and Pima cotton, the fabric count is generally more than 100. Of course, the count is only one of the fabric measurement indicators, structural design, weaving level, finishing technology and many other aspects will affect the quality of the fabric. In terms of the number of branches, it is also divided into single and double shares, as well as the difference between the warp and the weft.

3, it is worth mentioning is the oxford fabric, the current domestic shirt direct oxford shirts are basically 40 yarn fabrics, rough feel, low manufacturing costs.

Shirt accessories

1."Line" as the bone of the shirt directly determines the external quality of the collar, sleeves and threshold and the quality of the whole shirt. A good interlining plays a role in setting off and beautifying, which not only prevents the shirt from being deformed, but also simplifies the sewing process. The "liner" is bonded inside the two-layer fabric and there is no "lining" from the outside.

2,for the handling of the keyhole head, the advanced shirt will also spend a lot of time to deal with. The sewing line should be neat, firm and flat; the upper and lower lines should be tight and tight, no thread take-up or broken, and there should be a return needle at the needle. The above details can be carefully observed when purchasing.

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