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The substitution of textile machinery and machinery is an inevitable trend of industrial development

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China's textile economy has experienced rapid development for 30 years. Cheap human resources and abundant natural resources are our advantages. Non-woven machinery and equipment. As one of the main players in economic development, the manufacturing industry is facing the problem of transformation and upgrading. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend and the increase in production costs, a new generation of migrant workers pay more attention to their own rights, and the development of China's textile industry is facing reform.we are the best pocket fabric company,you can know it. 

Although China has become a major textile machinery manufacturing country, the level of textile machinery manufacturing is still not high, so companies must accelerate transformation and improve technical performance. The current situation of low-grade products with low technical content, low added value, high labor cost and low production efficiency has not met the current market needs, and is not suitable for the future development of the enterprise. The transformation and upgrading of textile machinery products is the general trend.

The transformation direction of China's textile industry is undoubtedly the transformation and upgrading through the advancement of technology and the improvement of the quality of the labor force. By improving production efficiency, increasing efficiency, and catching up or exceeding the increase in production costs, enterprises are the meaning of transformation and upgrading. “Machine substitution” is a way.

According to industry insiders, textile companies using high-speed, intelligent and large-capacity textile machinery can reduce labor and improve efficiency. Due to the current shortage of raw materials such as cotton in the world, high-end textile machinery and equipment can make full use of fiber and increase the added value of products. This demand trend will become more apparent in the next 5-10 years.

The substitution of textile machinery and machinery is an inevitable trend of industrial development

Recently, a "machine substitution" boom in which smart equipment has replaced labor input is sweeping through developed areas such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu, which have drawn attention from all parties. It is reported that only Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province will implement 800 “machine substitution” enterprises and 800 technical transformation projects this year, reducing the employment of 80,000 people. Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province has made plans not long ago, and plans to make industrial robots widely used within a few years. More than 80% of the manufacturing enterprises in the city.

One and a half months ago, Shaoxing Jinhui Textile's annual production of 30 million meters of polyester fabric technical transformation project was launched. The newly purchased 260 new water jet looms, 9 chanting vehicles, 26 winders and 260 double twisters were all invested. The use of the company is expected to increase annual sales by 200 million yuan and net profit by 5 percentage points.

Of the 100 “machine substitution” companies scheduled for the beginning of the year in Nanxun District, 80 have already begun to be rebuilt and 40 have been put into use. At present, “machine substitution” has covered five major industries such as elevators, motors, electromagnetic wires, textiles and wood. Through technological transformation and equipment renewal, these enterprises have gradually realized automated production, reduced labor and production costs, and improved product quality and production. effectiveness. According to statistics, the industrial investment in the region from January to April was 2.806 billion yuan, the industrial technology reform was 1.569 billion yuan, and the equipment investment was 1.11 billion yuan.

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