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Types of Textiles

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A plain twill wool fabric woven from combed wool yarn. Fabric is smooth, clear, compact and moderate, with good drape, mostly in Tibetan blue and black. Suitable for students'uniforms, military uniforms and men's and women's suits. The name comes from the English word beige, which means "the color of natural wool".

Serge can be made of wool of various qualities. Its yarn count ranges from 30 to 60 meters in double strands. It is woven with 2/2 twill weave. The warp density is slightly greater than weft density.we are thobe fabric sellers.

 The twill angle is about 45 degrees right. The weight of the fabric is 190-210 g/m 2 for thin serge, 240-290 g/m 2 for medium Serge and 310-390 g/m 2 for thick serge. The Serge is usually dyed in piece. Cotton Serge is made of cotton or cotton blended yarn. Its structure is similar to wool serge. The difference between wire Serge and yarn serge. The front of the serge is right twill.

 It can be used for men and women's clothing after dyeing. The front of serge is left twill, which is printed and processed. It is mainly used for women's and children's clothing or quilt.

Fabric Introduction--Foam Yarn

Bubble yarn is a thin fabric made of plain weave with concave and convex bubbles. 

The foam yarn has unique appearance, strong stereoscopic feeling, light and thin texture, soft feel, not close to the body, cool and comfortable, and no ironing after washing. According to the principle of forming bubble, bubble yarn is mainly divided into weaving bubble yarn and alkali shrinkage bubble yarn.

The raw material for weaving foam yarn is pure cotton or polyester/cotton yarn. The density of foam warp is greater than that of ground warp, or the warp is made of ply yarn and ground warp is made of single yarn.

 When weaving, the warp let-off volume of the foam warp is larger than that of the ground warp. After dyeing and finishing, the loosely processed cell warp forms beautiful and uneven bubbles. Woven foam yarn has better foam fastness. Alkali shrinkage foam yarn is the principle of using cotton fibers to increase diameter and shorten length when encountering concentrated alkali liquor.

Shuttle weaving is made of two yarns, warp and weft.

Plain weave

It refers to the fabric woven with warp and weft yarns interwoven once every other yarn (that is, yarn is top 11 and bottom).

This kind of fabric is characterized by many interlacing points, firm texture, smooth surface, soft, thin, high-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabric.


It refers to the fabric woven by warp yarn and weft yarn at least once (i.e. 2 top 1 bottom or 3 top 1 bottom). 

This kind of fabric is usually weaved by adding warp and weft interlacing points to change the fabric structure, so it is also called twill fabric. This kind of fabric is thicker and has a strong stereoscopic sense of organization. It is mostly used for bedding. There are usually 30, 40 and 60 branches.

Satin weave

Satin weave refers to the long warp (or weft) floats and fewer interlacing points. Although they form diagonal lines, they are not continuous, and the distance between them is regular and uniform. 

This fabric structure is called Satin weave.

Knitted Fabric

The yarn or filament is coiled by knitting needle and then coiled in series with each other. Because of the coil structure of knitted fabric, the yarn storage per unit length is large, so most of them have good elasticity. Knitted fabrics can be divided into one-sided and two-sided fabrics.

 There are mainly single Jersey, velvet, mesh cloth and so on. Knitted fabrics can be divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. Such as: cultural shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, thermal underwear, shorts and so on. Easy to stretch, loose to wear, easy to bend.

Knitting is made of a single yarn.

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