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What fabric is best for work?

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Today, companies need work clothes, and they may encounter various problems in the customization of work clothes. For example: What fabrics are best for fabrics in overalls?

If the choice of overalls fabrics is not good, the quality of the overalls will be problematic, and the employees will complain. If the overalls are poorly selected, they will have problems after sale.we are workwear fabric casual fabric wholesale.

The fabric of the overalls can be seen in the style of the overalls. The styles of the Eagle Noda are carefully selected, and the customer is responsible for the call.

What fabrics are best for work, you need to look at the overalls manufacturers, good manufacturers generally choose high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics to customize the overalls, companies can look at the online work of various workwear manufacturers on the Internet, consult the customer service life fabrics on the website. Look at what fabrics are used by companies that work clothes manufacturers work with.

1, anti-static fabric

The demand for anti-static fabrics in the market has always been very large. Whether it is bio-pharmaceutical, electric power protection, or petrochemical industry, its employees will uniformly distribute anti-static overalls. Anti-static overalls are mainly anti-static, followed by wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and convenient for operation.

Anti-static fabrics are generally special fabrics, and their quality is good or bad. At the same time, the country also has anti-static overalls standards.

Anti-static overalls

Anti-static fabrics generally need to be strong, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable. Some manufacturers will use cotton as an anti-static fabric, of course, it is also feasible, but its anti-static effect is not as good as high-grade anti-static fabric.

2, poplin fabric

Poplin fabrics are relatively small, and poplin is a plain weave fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, cotton or blended yarn. All kinds of poplin fabrics are clean and flat, with fine texture, full grain, soft and lustrous, soft and smooth feel. Summer work clothes in addition to pure cotton, the second choice of fabrics, wearing poplin summer work clothes are also relatively cool.

 workwear fabric casual fabric wholesale


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