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What fabric is good for shirts?

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I want to buy a shirt, not wrinkle, comfortable to wear, no shrinking, what kind of fabric is good? How to choose a suitable shirt in the face of a variety of shirts on the market? The key is how to choose fabrics. Here, I will share with you the choice of shirt fabrics.we are shirt fabric sellers.
1. 100% chemical fiber fabric: it is a textile made from a polymer compound. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, overhanging, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantages are wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, and poor gas permeability, which are easily deformed by heat and are prone to static electricity.
What fabric is good for shirts?
2: Linen fabric: the aristocrat in the shirt fabric, comfortable to wear, soft, sweat-absorbent, very easy to wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to dye or change color. Anyone who knows how to wear a shirt should know that hemp is the best raw material for shirts. The natural breathability, hygroscopicity and refreshment of linen make it a free-breathing textile.
How to identify the fabric of the shirt? ——【Shirt fabric】
1, Oxford cloth button collar shirt commonly used clothing, flat, thick lines, the color is white, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray, etc., mostly light. Soft, ventilated and durable, it is very popular among young people.
2, youth cloth
The dyed cotton thread is used vertically, and the white cotton thread is used for the flat and light cotton shirt fabric. Light and soft, slightly shiny, the most common combination of blue cotton and white cotton.
3, the bar is flat
Shirts woven from dyed cotton and bleached cotton. The color matching is mostly white and red, white and blue, white and black. Can be used as a sports shirt or as a dress shirt.
4, fine flat cloth
The most common shirting material is usually white. The thinner the cotton thread is, the softer the hand feels. The high-grade coarse woven flat cloth is almost silky. The shirts are mostly used for dresses and other occasions.

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