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What is poplin fabric?

Views:7     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-18      Origin:Site

Poplin originated from Licheng, Penglai and other counties in Shandong Province. It was the only fabrics that were only available on the aristocrats or bureaucrats during the feudal period. The feel and appearance of poplin were similar to those of silk, hence the name poplin.We are poplin fabric manufacturer and provide pocket fabric products,you can know it.

 Commonly used raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc., which are woven with plain weave. There are many types of poplin. According to the yarn used in the production, poplin can be divided into gauze, half-line poplin and line poplin. According to the different spinning projects, poplin can be divided into carded poplin and combed poplin. According to other different classification methods, poplin will appear more types.

1.There are many kinds of poplin, and the space that can be chosen is large. Poplin according to the weaving color, can be divided into hidden strips of poplin, satin satin poplin, jacquard poplin, color strips poplin, flash poplin and so on. Therefore, poplin fabrics are rich in appearance and bright in color, and the fabrics made from poplin fabrics are often noble and gorgeous, and we can choose our own colors and patterns.

2.The quality of poplin fabric is very good. Poplin is a plain cotton fabric. Its structure is very tight, the texture of the fabric is even and clear, the hand feels smooth and comfortable, and it has a silky feel. Therefore, the quality of poplin products is high, valuable, and long-lasting.


All kinds of poplin fabrics have clean and smooth cloth surface, fine texture, full grain, soft and lustrous, soft and smooth feel.

However, poplin fabrics have a major disadvantage, that is, the garments sewn with them are prone to longitudinal cracks. This is because the poplin warp and weft density are very different, and the strength between the warp and weft yarns is unbalanced, resulting in a warp strength that is nearly double the weft strength. the result of.


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