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What is the lining pocket fabric(pocketing fabric) tr fabric?

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What is the lining pocket fabric(pocketing fabric) tr fabric?

The main role of lining pocket cloth tr fabric is:

It makes the clothing easy to wear and slip, comfortable to wear; reduces the friction between the fabric and the underwear, plays a role in protecting the fabric; increases the thickness of the garment to maintain the warmth;

Make the garment flat and crisp; improve the grade of the garment; for the flocculation garment, the clip as the floc can prevent the flocculation from being exposed; as the clip of the leather garment, it can make the fur not be stained and keep the fur clean and tidy.

The choice of lining pocket fabric(pocketing fabric) tr fabric should pay attention to the following aspects:

The performance of the lining should be compatible with the performance of the fabric. The properties here refer to shrinkage, heat resistance, washing resistance, strength and thick weight;

The color of the lining should be in harmony with the fabric, and the color of the lining should not be deeper than the fabric;

The lining should be smooth, durable, anti-pilling and have good color fastness.

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