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Workwear Fabric Casual Fabric Wholesale

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The company has strong technical strength, complete product inspection procedures, and has the right to import and export. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Japan, South Africa, etc., and are favored by customers.

Workwear fabric types
The choice of overalls fabrics directly determines the quality, function and comfort of the overalls. The following describes the fabrics of the common overalls.We are provide workwear fabric casual fabric products you can buy it.

appropriate season
Summer: 1.TC Oxford spinning 2.TC fine twill 3.TC yarn  4.TC poplin
Winter: 5.TC canvas 6.TC yarn card 7.TC Seiko
1. TC Oxford textile fabric: no deep color, no fading, no ball, easy to wash and dry, soft to the touch, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, fireproof star.
2, C fine twill fabric: do a single layer of work clothes gram style, fabric features: fabric is relatively strong, breathable and sweat-absorbing; fluff, full process finishing, pilling level reduction; relative yarn gauze is softer, skin feel better; almost no wrinkle Shrinkage, the level of stain resistance is almost the same as sweat-absorbent twill.

Workwear Fabric Casual Fabric Products

3, TC gauze fabric: generally do a single layer overalls jacket style; fabric features: fabric is relatively stiff and strong, breathable and sweat-absorbing; fluffing, full process finishing, pilling
4, TC poplin fabric:, clothes used to make shirt style; fabric features: breathable and sweat-absorbent, lightweight; thin fabric, relatively impervious to wear, fluff, full process finishing, pilling level reduction; almost no consideration of shrinkage, stain resistance The grade is almost the same as sweat-absorbent twill.
Advantages of tooling fabrics:
Gongshuang: It has a wide polyester fiber and no viscous viscose fiber. After high temperature treatment, the fabric is tight and gorgeous, with good resilience, easy machine washing and good wrinkle resistance.
Full-process polyester card: clear lines, smooth surface, no fading, no ball, anti-shrinkage, easy machine wash.
The whole process of polyester cotton yarn card: the spinning path is clear, the cloth surface is smooth and thick, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, anti-wear, washable, damp and breathable.
Chef's style: soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, can not afford the ball, is the chef's choice of fabric.
Seiko: The fabric is made of polyester filament and cotton yarn intertwined, and the twill is the surface. The fabric has the anti-wrinkle and anti-pilling effect of the chemical fiber, and the back is not lost in the comfort, moisture absorption and breathability of the cotton.


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