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The factory is located in Qidi Development Zone, Jinzhou City, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, close to Shijiazhuang-Huanghuagang Expressway and Shijiazhuang-Jinan High-speed Railway. It is only 200 kilometers away from Beijing Capital Airport and 290 kilometers away from Tianjin Port. The transportation is very convenient.

Kangwei Textile has 764 sets of loom (including 450 shuttle loom machines, 250 rapier loom machines, 64 air- jet loom machines), 30000 spindles, monthly production of 1.8 million meters of grey fabrics, and 260 tons of yarn per month. The products series include various grey fabrics, 100% cotton, polyester-cotton, 100% polyester, yarn-dyed and other fabrics.we are provide poplin fabric quotes,you can know it.
Introduction to "poplin" fabric
Poplin is a plain weave fabric with a lower density and a higher density. It was originally referred to as fabrics woven on the feudal aristocracy or bureaucracy in Licheng, Penglai and other counties in Shandong Province. The hand and appearance are similar to silk, so it is called poplin.
Common raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc. The warp and weft yarns are usually 10-29 tex (60-20 inch) single yarn or 5 tex × 2-14 tex × 2 (120/2-42/2 inch) strands, and the warp and weft yarn densities are mostly equal or close. The warp tightness is 61%-80%, the latitudinal tightness is 35%-50%, and the warp and weft tightness ratio is about 5:3. The warp yarns are buckling larger and the weft yarns are flatter. The fabric surface is formed by warp yarns. The rhombic particle effect of the raised portion.
The poplin structure is tight, the cloth surface is smooth and clean, the texture is light and thin, the particles are clear, the luster is smooth, the hand feels smooth, and the silk feels.
There are many varieties of poplin, which are divided into gauze, half-line poplin and full-line poplin depending on the yarn used. According to different spinning processes, it is divided into carded poplin, semi-combed poplin, and combed poplin. According to different weaving processes, it is divided into plain, strip, and jacquard poplin. According to different dyeing and finishing, it is divided into bleaching, variegated and printed poplin. According to different weaving and printing processes, it is divided into white woven poplin and dyed poplin.
Poplin is mainly used as a shirt, summer clothing, and the like.
What season is poplin suitable for?
The importance of summer clothing is thin, poplin fabrics meet this feature. Cotton poplin is used to make shirts, casual pants, skirts, etc. are all good choices. Cotton fabrics may be slightly worse in width, and other fabrics may be considered if they are required to be wide and stylish.
In addition to making close-fitting clothes, poplin fabrics can also be used as jackets. In spring and summer, a thin coat is also a must-have item. When there is always a change in weather, there is a thin outside and many consumers’ voices. . As a suit, casual jacket poplin fabric is also a good choice.
What is the fabric of poplin?
Poplin originated from Licheng, Penglai and other counties in Shandong Province. It was the only fabrics that were only available on the aristocrats or bureaucrats during the feudal period. The feel and appearance of poplin were similar to those of silk, hence the name poplin. Commonly used raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc., which are woven with plain weave.
There are many types of poplin. According to the yarn used in the production, poplin can be divided into gauze, half-line poplin and line poplin. According to the different spinning projects, poplin can be divided into carded poplin and combed poplin. According to other different classification methods, poplin will appear more types.
What are the applications of poplin today?
Poplin is widely used. Poplin is an important variety in cotton. The low density is mainly used for pockets and linings. The high density can be used as a raw material for shirts, clothes worn in summer and everyday clothes. Poplin is very suitable for outerwear, because most poplins have been treated with rain, sunscreen, shrinking, and ironing. It is also a good choice to use poplin to make raincoats. In addition, poplin can be used to make the more expensive fabric soft decoration in the home because of its smooth and high-grade characteristics.
What are the advantages and characteristics of poplin?
1. There are many kinds of poplin, and the space that can be chosen is large. Poplin according to the weaving color, can be divided into hidden strips of poplin, satin satin poplin, jacquard poplin, color strips poplin, flash poplin and so on. Therefore, poplin fabrics are rich in appearance and bright in color, and the fabrics made from poplin fabrics are often noble and gorgeous, and we can choose our own colors and patterns.
2. The quality of poplin fabric is very good. Poplin is a plain cotton fabric. Its structure is very tight, the texture of the fabric is even and clear, the hand feels smooth and comfortable, and it has a silky feel. Therefore, the quality of poplin products is high, valuable, and long-lasting.
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We have experienced workers, advanced production equipment, and quality control departments to control the quality, each meter produced can meet customer standards.


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