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pocketing fabric product advantages

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pocketing fabric product advantages

Self-winding yarn Electronic brake Fixed length and long-term export High-quality grey fabric. The product has complete operation and follow-up process. It ensures smooth surface, clear texture, environmentally friendly dye and good color fastness.

Process can be produced according to customer requirements: dyeing long car overflow. Focus on color fastness, three-dimensional fabric quality, dry grinding grade 4 wet grinding grade 3, perspiration resistant acid 4 alkali 4, widely used in high-end suit pocket cloth, shirt fabric lining, waist cloth, pocket cloth, shawl Wait.

Pure polyester bleached and dyed grey fabric

T/T 45X45 110X76 (100x58 100x60 102x58 104x64 106x68 108x70) 38"/47"/63"

T/T 45X45 96X72 (86x56 84x54 94x68 ) 47/63"

T/T 45X45 88X64 (80x40 78x37) 47/63"

Polyester/cotton bleaching and dyeing grey fabric

T/C 90/10 45X45 110X76 38"/47"/63"

T/C90/10 45X45 96X72 63"

T/C 80/20 45X45 110X76 47/63"/67"

T/C 80/20 45X45 96X72 47/63"

T/C 80/20 45X45 88X64 47/63"

T/C 65/35 45X45 110X76 47/63"/67"

T/C 65/35 45X45 96X72 47/63"

T/C 65/35 45X45 88X64 47/63"

we are pocketing fabric suppliers,we can guarantee quality.



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